Payroll Command Services

Payroll Command Features

Payroll Command makes your payroll processing:
* fast,
* easy, and
* keeps you on track
... with making payments to tax authorities.

Payroll Command takes all the "magic" out of payroll -- you get clean schedules of what was paid where, and to whom; the ability to print employee paychecks from your home or office printer, and the peace of mind of having your data always backed up and your software updated as the software improves.

  • automatic generation of all federal forms:
    • 941 quarterly returns
    • 940/943/944 annual returns
    • Calculations and tracking of FUTA payments
  • State Unemployment deductions
    • employer
    • employee
  • SSI taxes
  • State taxes
  • Automatic generation of pay checks
    • secure
    • professional looking
    • fast
    • convenient
  • ability to audit, customize, and add custom taxes
  • tracking of vacation and sick time

Print payroll checks in under 5 minutes from now...

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